Hi Folks,
I am sorry to inform you that, with the ASSA moving to an online conference, the ICAPE conference will be cancelled. ICAPE does not have the staffing or the resources to conduct an online conference.
However, I do have another option for you. I am willing to organize ICAPE sessions as part of either the Eastern Economics Association meetings, in a partnership with AFEE and URPE, or the Western Social Science Association meetings, in partnership with AFIT and URPE. And, I am willing to work with the American Review of Political Economy to make sure that the papers submitted for those panels can be part of the ICAPE proceedings issue.
Both the EEA and the WSSA have the capability to run online conferences, so I am confident that they will move forward with their conferences regardless of the state of the pandemic.
In the meantime, I hope you are able to stay sane and safe.
Kind regards,